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Paul Baloche | Lead By Faith


Time: 30m video

Lead By Faith | Paul Baloche

As a worship leader, do you ever feel a lack of confidence leading your team? As a team member, do you feel inadequate to fulfill your role as a singer or instrumentalist? God has equipped each of us with many gifts and abilities that He wants us to use for His glory.

Join special guest Paul Baloche on this week’s show as we explore how to lead by faith, and letting Him work through us as we lead others. You won’t want to miss this special training show!




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1. As a worship leader, what is most important to you about leading by faith?
2. How do you work through challenges while leading worship?
3. What do you do to encourage others in your team about lack of confidence?
4. Simply, what is your role as a servant and how do you exhibit this in your ministry?

Keystone Thought:
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