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Jared Anderson “Restoring The Voice”

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“God’s nature is that of healing tied directly to His love and kindness,” says Anderson, a worship leader at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “And The Whole Landscape is about singing the work of healing… because God wants to cover, heal and redeem every moment, every missed opportunity, all of creation with His presence.”

“He holds our story with care and meets us right where we are,” Anderson continues. “Sometimes, we can be quick to dismiss or forget about hurts and what caused them, any pain or shame. But God wants to enter our broken places to rebuild and restore, to build a more beautiful thing on the rubble, not sweep it away.”

Anderson weaves these themes throughout The Whole Landscape, which was produced by Michael Rossback and includes co-writes with Matt Armstrong, Ed Cash, Sarah Reeves, Anthony Skinner, Andrew Bergthold and Christopher Steven Lockwood. In addition to the title track, the EP includes “Kindness,” “Irresistible,” “Work of Art” and “Heaven Stands Up,” which is the most corporate worship-friendly song on the project and one that Anderson calls “dangerous.”

“Worship has a dangerous, prophetic, defiant quality,” he says. “With the song ‘Heaven Stands Up,’ we tried to capture that… it’s a reminder that as followers of Christ, we carry the presence of God with us. When we walk into a room or a situation, things change… or they should! We often realize the value of others to the Kingdom of God but forget we are each unique and there is no replacement for any of us. You don’t have to be Billy Graham, you just have to be you. ‘Heaven Stands Up’ underscores this, reminding us of our authority and our part in the Kingdom story.

In addition to serving as a worship leader and songwriter at New Life Church, Jared Anderson is a former founding member of Desperation Band. His songs are sung around the globe, translated into every major language and appear on numerous New Life Worship and Desperation Band albums. His solo projects include: The Whole Landscape, The Narrow Road, Where To Begin, Where I Am Right Now, Where Faith Comes From and Live From My Church.

Source: CCM Magazine Ross Culver
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Jared Anderson is a prolific songwriter and skilled musician based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He began as a worship leader at New Life Church and was a founding member of Desperation Band that brought a fresh sound to the modern worship movement. His songs “Rescue”, “Amazed” and “Great I Am” continue to be sung across the globe and have been translated into every major language. His new project The Whole Landscape releases October 4, 2019. His wife Megan and six children also host an annual variety show called Christmas This Year to highlight their local special-needs community.

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