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Thursday Show
Back-to-Basics of Worship  “God’s nature is that of healing tied directly to His love and kindness,” says Anderson, a worship leader at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “And The Whole Landscape is about singing the work of healing… because God wants to cover, heal and redeem every moment, every missed opportunity, all of creation with His presence.”“He holds our story with care and meets us right where we are,” Anderson continues. “Sometimes, we can be quick to dismiss or forget about hurts and what caused them, any painSEE DETAILS

[md_imagebox_full imagebox_title="Jared Anderson | Restoring The Voice" imagebox_heading_size="h6" imagebox_description="Have we become too complicated as a society? As Christians, what ways have we lost touch from the things of God? Jared Anderson, songwriter of 'Rescue,' 'Amazed,' and 'Hear Us From Heaven,' is praying for a back-to-basics of worship, and to simplify the way we disciple, and how to love people into the Kingdom." imagebox_general_color="#ffffff" imagebox_text_height="300" imagebox_alignment="left" imagebox_use_background="yes" imagebox_background="36264" imagebox_overlay="yes" imagebox_overlay_color="rgba(1, 16, 60, 0.72)" imagebox_button="yes" imagebox_button_style="fade-square" imagebox_button_text="CLICK TO WATCH" imagebox_button_icon="icon-play-curve" imagebox_button_color="#fff" imagebox_button_text_color="#fff" imagebox_button_bg_hover_color="#9b9b9b" imagebox_button_hover_color="rgb(103, 103, 103)" imagebox_button_size="standard" imagebox_left_right_padding="0" imagebox_button_url="" imagebox_button_target="_self" md_imagebox_full_animation="yes" md_imagebox_full_animation_type="fade"SEE DETAILS