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Vocal Warm Ups Pitch and Intonation

1. Properly warm up your voice with good breath control. See this Breath Control Video Here

2. Use piano to help find / hear / match pitch.

3. Play a scale on piano (or find a good piano app on your phone) try to sing / what you hear.

4. Sing the note straight – don’t fish or scoop for notes

5. Ascend and Descend finding the pitch with piano / use two sounds to find the true pitch

6. Hear and Fix intonation between notes / work note by note to find the stable pitch

7. Think pitch – not song. Sing the notes slow and match each pitch

8. Call and respond the notes / hear and sing to match

9. Try singing the all the notes of the song’s phrase / connect all the correct pitches

10. Sing your true tone through your true voice 🙂


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