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Seven Proven Strategies to write better songs and stand out in a crowded songwriting marketplace write better songs. This book reveals not just the critical skills of successful songwriters, but the critical mind set of the kind of writers who come up with hit after hit. For John Chisum, mind set is as important as skill set, and his insights here will go a long way towards equipping new generations of Christian songwriters. Learn to write better songs now.

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From the Author: “I want to share with you five key things great writers do and how they shape the way they think. As you add these concepts into your life, you’ll automatically get better at writing. Your writing will get easier, eventually flowing from a place deep in you where the calling and the craft have fused in a way that makes writing seem almost effortless.

Writing will be more fun than fight and one day you’ll realize that the call has come true. All the obstacles will have faded and you’ll wonder what ever slowed you down. What’s more, you won’t let the fear of failure or the fear of the competition hinder you.

Nothing will. You’ll be unstoppable.” If you’re an aspiring Christian songwriter struggling with writing great lyrics, strong melodies, finishing your songs, or wondering how you’ll be heard in a crowded songwriting marketplace, industry veteran, John Chisum, shares vital information and inspiration in this easy-to-read, yet power-packed book gleaned from his 30 years as an influential Christian music writer and publisher.

Chisum, known for his humor and passion for Jesus, has managed dozens of professional songwriters and published thousands of songs in his roles as Director of Song Development and Copyright for Integrity Music and as Vice-President of Publishing for Star Song Media. Purchase the Corresponding Playback Webinar Also!
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