Attracting Quality Musicians


Attracting Quality Musicians: A Guidebook & Discussion for Worship Leaders, Music Directors & Pastors Tony’s groundbreaking and award-winning book “Attracting Quality Musicians” shows you how to recognize, attract and manage the quality musicians you want for your church. Includes interviews with Israel Houghton, Paul Baloche, Tommy Walker, Buddy Owens, Sally Morgenthaler and Tom Brooks.

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This book will help you navigate the unchartered waters of how to bring quality musicians into your music ministry. Tony also presents guidelines in caring for volunteers and paid musicians, sharing the Gospel to other non-Christian musicians, and explaining the significance (or insignificance) of having quality musicians onstage, and the effects on church worship.

Tony Guerrero has become established as a composer, producer, author and speaker in the world of Christian Worship Music. He has spoken at various Worship Conferences, most notably the Purpose Driven Church Conference & Festival, The National Worship Leaders Conference, The Gospel Music Association’s Music In The Rockies, SCEA’s InSync. 

His articles on music and worship are published monthly in Worship Leader Magazine and his book “Attracting Quality Musicians.” Tony is also an instructor and mentor for Worship Team Training / Worship Team Training University. Find out more about Tony Guerrero at: Tony Guerrero (Author) 125 pages Publisher: Nickeldimeus Music Publishing (2005) ASIN: B003BACMPM

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