Worship Songwriting Part II

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Your jaw will drop when you hear John Chisum as he tells the truth about songwriting… Do you struggle with confidence in your worship songwriting? Have you presented songs to your church only to get rejected and dismissed as a serious songwriter? If that’s you, this playback webinar with John Chisum, Managing Partner of Nashville Christian Songwriters, could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

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Worship Songwriting Part II (PLAYBACK FOR PURCHASE)
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Worship Songwriting with John Chisum! Have you struggled to write the kind of worship songs you dream of for church? Would you like to be part of having a worldwide impact with your songs and watch as God raises up your church and your team to impact nations? Now you can. Also get John’s Companion Book to this Webinar Write Better Songs

Worship leading veteran and prolific worship songwriter, publisher, and entrepreneur, John Chisum, will be sharing some of his most valuable insights about the creative process, how to craft the kind of songs you want, and how you can take practical steps now to impact the world with your team.

Overcoming rejection Impact your worship writing immediately Making great strides in songwriting Fulfill your unique calling in Christ Write for the Church

Bio: John Chisum is Managing Partner of Nashville Christian Songwriters and has served as VP of Publishing for Star Song Media and as Director of Song Development and Copyright for Integrity Media. He has recorded over ten albums of his own songs and has managed such writers as Paul Baloche, Lynn DeShazo, Ed Kerr, Gary Sadler, and many more in his 30 years as an industry professional. John and his wife, Donna, live in the Nashville area. Get John’s Companion Book of this Webinar: Write Better Songs

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