The Heart Of A Worshiper (Three-Day Devotional)


By popular demand and as seen on (Youversion) with over 25,000 completions, “The Heart of a Worshiper” overflows with expressions of praise and steadfast trust in everyday circumstances. Learning to worship in Spirit and in truth is dependent upon the Holy Spirit and the truth of His word, shaping your heart and mind in responding to Jesus. This three-day devotion invites you to explore the faithfulness of God, to be strengthened, and to yield worship that’s pleasing to the Father.




This three-day devotional is where it all began to it’s bigger brother “The Journey of a Worshiper

Get this easy-quick read devotional to have your phone/device, for on-the-go to help keep your heart focused on God. Our worship to God is not determined by our circumstances; nor is our relationship with God dictated by our emotions. He loves us through and through.

No matter where we’ve been or where we’ve come from, we can rest in the truth of God; He chooses to love us regardless. @BranonDempsey

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