“The Six Hats of a Worship Leader” Rich Kirkpatrick


“The Six Hats of a Worship Leader” by Rich Kirkpatrick You can wear a hat, share a hat, or give a hat away. Many church leadership books today seem to focus heavily on the language of the corporate world. Throw a creative worship leader into the mix and vertigo sets in for all involved. Why?

Creative leaders simply think differently. If you want to learn how to better explain your worship leadership to those in charge, this book is for you. If your role is leading worship leaders, the language shared in this book aims to help you take your team to their next level.

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“Rich Kirkpatrick has an encouraging way of delivering practical insight and encouragement to help every leader in Worship Ministry. “The Six Hats of a Worship Leader” will cause you to re-think and inspire you to make the power of delegation work for your leadership, instead of you trying to do it alone.” – Branon Dempsey

With over 20 years as a professional musician and creative leader, Rich has worked as an associate pastor, church executive team member, church planter, communications director, and worship leader at various churches–from small churches to mega-sized and from multi-campuses to new church plants.

Rich’s bent as a writer, speaker, and blogger, is to influence fellow creatives and leaders to help them think strategically and act redemptively. He spurs conversations that clarify values, theology, and all things practical. Find Rich at: https://rkblog.com

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