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Andi Rozier | “Worship Leadership”


Time: 30m video

Andi Rozier

Join us with Andi Rozier from Vertical Worship in a wide-ranging interview with Branon about worship leadership.    

Join with Today’s Guest: Andi Rozier

Learn how to shepherd people with integrity of heart and skillful hands as we dive into Psalm 78:72 and learn more about Andi and his ministry. 

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  1. From this scripture that was read, what special meaning does it have for you, in relation to WorshipLeadership?2
  2. In hearing what the Psalmist has to say, what critical areas do you find missing in WorshipLeaders who lead their teams
  3. What does integrity of heart mean to you?
  4. How can WorshipLeaders develop skillful hands without neglecting the heart?
  5. What benefits does this kind of biblical growth from Psalm 78 have for the worship leader, their church and teams?



How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ
Until I was 16 I had no compass to live my life by, but God led me to see Him as the foundation that i was missing. I got involved in my local church and gave my life to Jesus at their summer camp.

How I came to Harvest
For five years, I had been leading worship around the UK in local churches and events. In 1999, I visited a ministry friend in Chicago, got connected at Harvest which led to an invitation to be on staff.

What I do at Harvest
I lead worship.

Why I do what I do at Harvest
I am privileged to lead worship on the weekends at harvest.  In addition to this, I am able to serve the fellowship worship pastors through training and ongoing support.  I write songs and lead for the Vertical Church Band and am committed to honoring the Lord through the worship ministry here at HBC.

At Harvest since July 2001
Previous work  touring worship leader
Favorite verse Psalm 24:3-4a
Married to the love of my life Joanna since 2005
Children Sam, Ben, Adley, & Jesse


Keystone Thought:
[ctt template=”6″ link=”7Pl1I” via=”no” ] “If you haven’t been in the valley, how can you sing about it?” Andi Rozier[/ctt]  

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