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Even The Faithful Get Tired” | PODCAST Ep. 232

Rest In The Lord

Branon Dempsey / Message me: branon@worshipteamtraining.com

It was a rough 2020, and hard to believe it's now 2021. Some are in the fire of pressure and have been knocked down and lost hope. 

Some have gone into quarantine, some like myself, have been isolated. 

But despite the flames around us, there is the opportunity to see purpose. Because when you have purpose, you understand that the fire was part of the plan to refine you as gold. 

I will share what I've learned for those still in the dumpster fire, or how to those who need to come out of one in THREE LESSONS…


1 Kings 19:3
• Elijah fled for his life from Jezebel. 

• Called by God to turn Israel away

• Jezebel wanted his head

• Elijah runs away to the desert


• Elijah consumed by fear 

• Stress and torment paralyzed him

• But instead of finding safety

• He finds himself in a worse place 

 a desert

Is this you?

What is a desert? 
Webster's Dictionary says: 
 • arid, moistureless, empty, lonely,
 • uncharted and barren place.

This describes Elijah's emotional condition
He was in an emotional desert as well

1. You may be in a desert

2. But the desert kept you alive

3. Elijah was a man of faith

4. But his faith ran out - because he was human

5. Is it ok for you too?


Being in a desert should remind us 

Who does our rest, water and food 
really comes from

If we are going to run in the race

A good athlete will never forsake their body

• Ministry is not a sprint, it's a marathon

• Stop living in the red

• Learn to live in the rest

How do you find it?

Time with God

Being quiet

Let God read the Word

Hear his whisper

1. Don't do anything

2. Just be in His presence

3. Then bring your needs

4. Let Jesus give you a drink

5. Let God give you rest

After Elijah is powered up, God tells him in verse 11, to go out and wait for His presence to pass by. 

Soon enough, Elijah expects to find God, but he witnesses a storm, earthquake
and fire. 

It was not until after the cataclysmic events that Elijah did not hear a loud voice, but a small gentle whisper by God. 

Have you heard this kind of whisper? 

It's the same voice that says 

"let there be light"

"do not be afraid."

"Peace be still."

"Father forgive them"

"Behold, I am coming quickly.


Today the same Voice of God says: "seek Me and live," (Amos 5.4) 

Resting in God takes faith.

To be at rest is to be faithful.

So when the faithful get tired, who do we run to?

We run to the One who gives rest to our souls.

He clearly gives rest to the faithful. 
And when we tire, He strengthens 
our bodies, like He strengthens our faith.

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