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Abandon the SilosWhile it is easy for any ministry to become its own silo, God has called us to a bigger role. We share the ministry of the church as one body, yet many members. However, what do you do when people in your church, members of your team or staff, act as if they want nothing to do with you until Sunday?It would be unfavorable to have one ministry be placed over another. It is malnourishing and divisive to the Body. Worship ministry is no different.You may have heardSEE DETAILS

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Each member in the worship ministry (as in any other church ministry) are gifted according to God’s plans for that person. God uses each member of the Body to serve Him and bless people through His purposes.A greater beauty of serving others is seen when individuals support and contribute to other ministries beyond their own. This, of course, is accomplished when we walk and serve in one heart, spirit, and mind seeking God’s glory above our own.@BranonDempsey Want This Full Post? Start Your Free Membership Today! SIGN UP FREE! AreSEE DETAILS