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Guitar Tutorial Christmas Music / Scroll Down Charts Loading... Taking too long? Reload document | Open in new tab Branon Dempsey Branon Dempsey is the founder and CEO of Worship Team Training and Worship Team Training University He has over twenty years of leading worship and teaching worship theology, music and songwriting for churches ranging from 500 to 5,000 members. He has had the opportunity to train and study worship at Maranatha! Music as well as some of the most well-known churches in the country, including Coast Hills Church,SEE DETAILS

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[md_imagebox_full imagebox_title="EASY CHRISTMAS ACOUSTIC GUITAR / BRANON DEMPSEY" imagebox_heading_size="h6" imagebox_description="Planning a simple Christmas music set by guitar, but you want it to sound solid? Watch this Power Train as Branon Dempsey gives you a few stocking stuffers." imagebox_general_color="#ffffff" imagebox_text_height="300" imagebox_alignment="left" imagebox_use_background="yes" imagebox_background="33737" imagebox_overlay="yes" imagebox_overlay_color="rgba(119, 8, 8, 0.64)" imagebox_button="yes" imagebox_button_style="fade-square" imagebox_button_text="CLICK TO WATCH" imagebox_button_icon="icon-play-curve" imagebox_button_color="#fff" imagebox_button_text_color="#fff" imagebox_button_bg_hover_color="#9b9b9b" imagebox_button_hover_color="rgb(103, 103, 103)" imagebox_button_size="standard" imagebox_left_right_padding="0" imagebox_button_url="" imagebox_button_target="_self" md_imagebox_full_animation="yes" md_imagebox_full_animation_type="fade" md_imagebox_full_animation_speed="400" md_imagebox_full_animation_delay="0.0" md_imagebox_full_animation_position="center" md_imagebox_full_animation_show="once" md_imagebox_full_animation_easing="Quart.easeInOut" md_imagebox_full_parallax_speed="1"][/md_imagebox_full] Member Sign In LOGIN HERE! [md_textbox textbox_icon="icon-music-note-1" textbox_title="Get This Power Train Video!" textbox_heading="h5" textbox_description="Login Above" textbox_bg_color="#FFF" textbox_icon_color="rgb(80, 227, 194)"SEE DETAILS