Scott Hussey / Brown Bag Wednesday Music Special! 12-20-17

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The Power of GuideTracks for #Worship
#WorshipLeader #Musician #Singer add creativity and fun by adding loops and tracks by this simple and powerful resource for your #WorshipTeam
Join us with Branon Dempsey and Special Guest Scott Hussey from #GuideTracks to understand the power of WorshipSong Band and + WorshipSong Band is designed to provide an innovative, flexible solution for worship leaders everywhere, especially in smaller churches or for solo worship leaders.  It is a free, easy to use  software application across all devices – all designed to help your church worship!
+ Playback of multi-track music (full Library of top CCLI songs)
+ pitch/tempo shifted, and looped in any order
+ Integrated chord charts / transposed on the fly for capo 
+ Wireless Network Operation of all control, display, and playback functions
+ Lyric display to an external monitor/TV, or Airplay
+ Built-in Pads and unique ambient Atmospheres multi-tracks
+ Foot pedal control via Bluetooth or wired MIDI 
Get the most from the power of your tracks to enhance the sound of your band with

Watch Replay Below

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