Branon Dempsey LIVE 1/26/20

'Breaking the Silence'

This Sunday 1.26.20 @ 8pm Are you suffering silently with a past that creeps through the corridors of your soul? Does it seem that a shadow brushes across every moment of your day, staying just out of sight but affecting everything you do and feel? Do you live in fear that someone just might find out about the shadow, the creeping presence that looms over your life like a threatening storm? Did that shadow arrive as a result of abuse? Is there an abuser inhabiting that shadow, perhaps long gone, but still present in your every moment? Branon Dempsey knows about those shadows. He’s lived with them most of his life and has discovered how to deal with them. He knows the hidden pain, the depth of the fear, the nervousness of thinking someone will expose him and discover those secrets. Branon has found the path out of the shadows, the door into the light, and the importance of sharing his story. Join him for his first interview on Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams…. Go to the show link below!

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