The 10 Pitfalls of the Male Voice | Worship Leading Webinar


10 Pitfalls of the Male Voiceand what to do about them.
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Learn to Match your voice to the congregation, never make the congregation match yours. Do you find this true for your church? Many of us worship leaders face our own vocal challenges, yet many go unaddressed and unsolved, including the male voice.

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Get This Webinar Playback: Full Video File, Notes and Slides!
It’s not easy to jump over the holes that occur, neither can the church during the singing of worship. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls, that will  benefit your voice, your team and your congregation! 

  • Focus on the Male Voice That Benefits Everyone
  • Vocal Dynamics
  • Engaging Expanding Your Range
  • The Mix & Tone Focus

Branon Dempsey is the CEO/Founder and Training Director of Worship Team Training® he holds an M.Div in Worship and BM in Music Composition/Performance. Branon and is a Training Partner with Yamaha Corporation of America | Worship Resources, and the Expert Panel for Shure Microphones and is an instructor with Christian Musician Summit, a columnist for Worship Musician Magazine, and many online Worship Resource companies.


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