4-1-19 🙌🎸”Worship in Motion” p.78 🚀 Monday Worship Bible Study

✅ Worship in Motion

Psalm 119:172; Psalm 81:2; Proverbs 7:2; Proverbs 4:23; Mark 4:23; Colossians 3:16

“May my tongue sing of Your word, for all Your commands are righteous.” – Psalm 119:172

What causes you to sing? It could come from a melody, a memory or something deep from the heart.

There is both a melody and a motion going on. God loves to hear His children sing. Do you hear the melody He placed in your heart.  Are you singing it back to Him?

Understand how we can truly hear God, and sing back to Him, when we learn how to be in motion with Jesus.


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