AARON IVEY | Friday Special Show – 1-19-18


Time: 40m video

Austin Stone Worship

Join special guest #AaronIvey from Austin Stone Worship for a discussion about leadership, theology, art and culture.

#WorshipLeaders, do you need some encouragement this week? Do you need to be challenged to go deeper in your role as leader? Have you wondered how to start to write your own songs as a church?

Learn how to maximize your role as worship leader, and how to help others on your team develop their gifts. 

Aaron Ivey Bio:
Aaron Ivey is the Pastor of Worship at The Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas, where he pastors a team of three hundred worship leaders, artists, storytellers, and musicians. Aaron has written and produced ten worship albums, and has written hundreds of congregational worship songs that are sung all over the world. His songwriting includes works represented in Worship Together, Jesus Culture, Capitol Music Group, Doxology & Theology, and Austin Stone Worship. Passionate about mentoring and developing young leaders and world changers, Aaron spends much of his time communicating on topics of leadership, theology, art, and culture. He and his wife Jamie have been married for fifteen years, and have four children, Cayden, Amos, Deacon, and Story.


Austin Stone Worship

Aaron Ivey Socials


1. As a Worship Pastor, what are some of your key values?
2. Tell us about your songwriting process as a church?
3. How do theology, art and culture intersect?
4. Simply, what is your role as a servant and how do you exhibit this in your ministry?

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