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Worship Team Training

Founded in 2004 and directed by Branon Dempsey and his professional training team, our multi-staff WTT Educators have helped train hundreds of churches and their worship teams around North America (in virtually every denomination) with hands on practical training.
We provide in-person and live video workshops, online education and private one–to-one mentoring. Our mission is to help both tenured and aspiring Worship Leaders and Team Members feel inspired, nurtured, and encouraged as they grow their skills in leading their congregation.

The University

WTTU is designed to grow your worship leading skills. Whether you need to keep abreast of new developments, or start from the beginning, WTTU is a living library of materials and people that can help you. Choose between a comprehensive sequence of audio and video courses, or pick and choose from hundreds of practical resource materials that allow you to go deep into all aspects of worship leading.

WTTU serves Worship Leaders and Team Members alike. The U allows you to proceed at your own pace. New material is added to WTTU’s Living Library each week, because we believe in lifelong learning. Stuck? Need some guidance? The U’s faculty mentors are there for you. Make an appointment or sign up for a term of individual guided learning with a mentor who can help you address almost any issue you are facing in your ministry.

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Want to Enroll?

You can choose between WTTU’s EXPLORE, LEARN, and TRANSFORM programs. Pick the program that best suits your needs and your situation. Each program allows you to “pay as you go” a month at a time, or enroll for an entire year and save as much as 50% on your enrollment costs.