Thursday Show

Davide Mutendji of Elevation Rhythm

Diversity: This Moment 

· Elevation Rhythm’s story…

 How did Elevation Rhythm come about/form?
· Mission as a ministry
· Why is music powerful, how can God use the worship to help move people?
· Struggles as a team?
· Life as a team?
· Rehearsal and music making - what does it look like?
· How can smaller or younger teams make the most of what they have?

"THIS MOMENT." Where did the idea or concept of the song come from, and what is the key take-away message for listeners?

· Musically, what were some of the influences for the new single?

· Looking at Elevation Rhythm, how do you think this band reflects culture, yet, reflects Christ?

· How do you hope your music impacts this generation as young artists creating for young people?

· There are so many youth/young adults worship bands out there right now. Worship is definitely the genre that is topping the music chats currently. In light of that, what does Elevation Rhythm want to bring to the table?

· Elevation Rhythm is also a huge reflection of community. What I love is that it is so diverse! Talk about how important it is to cultivate a space, especially with youth/young adults, where everyone belongs.

· What’s coming up for Elevation Rhythm this year?


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Special Guest Content

Elevation Rhythm’s brand new single “THIS MOMENT” is out today across all global music streaming services and social platforms. Listen to the song here and watch the accompanying video here. “In a time of uncertainty and so many questions about the future, we want to zone into one focal point –– this moment, right here, right now,” says Elevation Rhythm’s Davide Mutendji. “Everything else can be in turmoil, however, we consciously choose  –– in this moment, to turn our focus on God.” With a personal mission to engage hearts and bring a new cadence of hope to this generation, Elevation Rhythm is the youth worship expression of Elevation Church, a multisite congregation based in Charlotte, N.C. founded by lead Pastor Steven Furtick. The group’s recent single

“NEVER WALK AWAY” garnered the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Christian music Hot AC/CHR chart earlier this year.  

Guest Bio

Elevation Rhythm is the new expression of worship coming from the youth ministry at Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C. Sharing the same church home as Elevation Worship, Elevation Rhythm believes in writing and recording songs to engage hearts and bring a new cadence of hope to this generation. For more information visit

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