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“God Never Hides His Power…” by Branon Dempsey

Personal pain 
is a larger pandemic 
than any virus or ill-society. 
- So why do we hide? 
Have you ever had a pain so deep that all you wanted to do was to run away?

Somehow, the pain is too great to face alone. It's too embarrassing. No one should know about it. If this is how you feel, you're not alone.

Personal pain is a larger pandemic than any virus or ill-society. Our pain is a result from the wounds caused by a violator. It cuts us deep. Most often, we can't find a way out. We can spend a life time wandering in our hurt. 

We are often told lies by the enemy: you will never heal, you will never amount to anything, and even worse, you will never be loved by God.

Let me tell you something. The pain and the violator are real, but the lies that were told in the past and in the present are simply there to keep you in your pain. 

You can stop and you can heal.
The enemy wants to destroy you, but God has already redeemed you. The truth is you are loved by God, deeply. You are his kid, and He came looking for you - his child. God is real and the love of Jesus casts our every fear and torment.

When I was six years old, I encountered the worse pain and violation of my life, one that I would never again see its equal. You can hear the whole story here at: The wounds were so deep that I truly believed that God would not love me. Yes, years later, I received Jesus as my Savior. Yet, I still had these nasty wounds and would not let Him see. The truth was, He saw them long ago, and before I knew, He touched them. 

Even when I felt lost and unreachable, I was never alone as I once thought. Without disregard, without judgement and without condemnation, Jesus gently swabbed the hurt and cleaned the damage. This took a life-long process (still is), but God never left me to bleed, nor to die alone. He wanted me to Live. 
Could this be one of the reasons why we hide from God, because we are afraid of what he may see, or too afraid of what He may touch?

Sometimes, even our own pride keeps us from truly getting the help we need. Even for the Christian, we think that we can do it ourselves by trying to do "good," trying to be a "good Christian." This never works because the trauma we experienced was never fully dealt with at the bottom, it only live in-part on the surface. From my own experience, I was not giving to God everything at the bottom. I just tried to do what I cold at the top. I thought that I could do it myself, but I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Another problem is that we preoccupy ourselves. We engage in distractions to over-look the problem, medicate the hurt, and when we slip or mess up, we find ourselves in the dumps again, ashamed and convinced that we will never change. This is a vicious cycle of self-deprecation. However, this can be stopped.

Think about the story of Adam and Eve. They sinned, they ran and they hid. Yet God, always knew where they were. He never forgot them. He never hid His eyes. He never closed his ears. Not even their sin kept them from the love of God. In fact, in Genesis 3, God went looking for them. In verse 8, God was not just taking a walk in the Garden, he was actually pursing them. He heard their pain. He found his children. He called them by name. He picked them up. God deemed the consequence for man, but Jesus redeemed the heart of man, to bring them back to Himself.

You may feel that you've hidden yourself for so long, too far for God to find you. The truth is, He always knew where you were. He knows where you are now. He knows where you will be. He longs to pick you up, so you may never hide again. He longs to heal your wounds so you may never bleed alone. He desires to breathe-in new life and to grow your spirit. All so you may live in the power of God, and that the pain no longer has power over you.

Jesus will never leave you for dead. He loves you greater than your pain, greater than the one violated you, and even greater than your own sin and shame. So stop running. Stop hiding. Give yourself to God. Render yourself powerless to the love of Jesus. There is no part of you that He will forsake. There is nothing greater, nor any other power that will keep Him from loving you. He loves you deeply.

Galatians 2.20 tells us: "I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me." 

Don't stay in the hiding, walk into the living. But before you take a step, you have to let go of what you are holding. It needs to die. You are to give-up yourself / die to Christ, in order that you may live brand new through Jesus Christ.

You can no longer bring it with you. You will not be truly free if you decide to keep living in-parts. Otherwise, there is no end to this cycle. This is not the life God intends for you. He intends life for you to be abundant. 

So let it go. It takes hard work and the work is dirty, but this is all a process for the wounds to finally heal. You cannot do this alone, but you can do this by the help of God. Can you truly render yourself as powerless to Him? Ask Him and He will do it.

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear." 1John 4.18

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