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Sally Morgenthaler Webinar

As a Worship Pastor, searching for a new position can be a very stressful and confusing time. Are you in the middle of a job search right now, and looking for help? Maybe you want to be prepared when and if God calls you to a new church.

Do you have a current resume, along with a video of you leading worship? Are videos really necessary? How do you prepare for the interview process? Can I say anything about negotiating the best package for my family?

Sally Morgenthaler has had extensive experience helping Worship Pastors with their job search. Let Sally help you prepare for your next Worship Pastor position.

LEARN how to work hard but smart when you are going through the process of transitioning to a new church as the Worship Pastor. 

Sally Morgenthaler:
 Known best for her book, Worship Evangelism (Harper Collins), Sally Morgenthaler is a trusted interpreter of North American religious trends and a seasoned practitioner in the areas of worship, leadership, church systems, and staffing.

For over two decades, Morgenthaler has coached pastors, worship leaders, church industry leaders, and ministry teams. Her grasp of ministry challenges on the institutional and personal level comes from her own ministry experience as well as hands-on work with hundreds of leaders and local congregations.

In 2012, she founded New Day Coaching, a ministry dedicated specifically to one-on-one coaching with students and pastors. Morgenthaler helps pastors innovate new ministry models, incorporate healthy leadership skills, and grow in self-awareness and self-care. Her coaching clients include lead, associate, executive, and worship pastors from a broad range of denominations and geographies spanning the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition to her work at New Day Coaching, Morgenthaler is a ministry coach with Branon Dempsey’s Worship Team Training in Cypress, Texas (; Griffith Coaching in Orlando, Florida ( and ChapterNext, a ministry search company in Chicago, Illinois (

Morgenthaler has served as an adjunct professor at Asbury Seminary, Bethel Seminary, Denver Seminar, Fuller Theological Seminary, George Fox University, Gordon Conwell Seminary, The Seattle School of Theology, and The Institute for Sacred Music at Yale University. She has also taught classes at Regent University, Liberty University, Oral Roberts University, Texas Christian University, The Claremont Institute for Continuing Ministry Studies, and The Calvin Institute for Worship.

Morgenthaler has also been a featured speaker at numerous worship conferences including Catalyst, Exponential, The Willow Creek Arts Conference, Worship Leader’s National Conference, The American Society of Church Growth, The Beeson Institute, and The National Pastor’s Conference.



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