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Don't let the game play you. As a Worship Pastor or Leader, do you struggle trying to keep current with all of the changes happening around you? You're not alone. We all face tough questions that influence us to change. What if I’m no longer relevant? What if I can’t keep up? What if I cannot be more effective? What if I lose my job? Learn from these misconceptions below - how not to quit early, but to stay in the game - for the long haul.You may find this coming soonSEE DETAILS

[md_imagebox_full imagebox_title="(How to) Stay In The Game" imagebox_heading_size="h6" imagebox_description="What does it take to stay in ministry? You may be surprised that it has nothing to do what what you think." imagebox_general_color="#ffffff" imagebox_text_height="300" imagebox_alignment="left" imagebox_use_background="yes" imagebox_background="35622" imagebox_overlay="yes" imagebox_overlay_color="rgba(0, 6, 49, 0.33)" imagebox_button="yes" imagebox_button_style="fade-square" imagebox_button_text="CLICK TO READ" imagebox_button_icon="icon-play-curve" imagebox_button_color="#fff" imagebox_button_text_color="#fff" imagebox_button_bg_hover_color="#9b9b9b" imagebox_button_hover_color="rgb(103, 103, 103)" imagebox_button_size="standard" imagebox_left_right_padding="0" imagebox_button_url="" imagebox_button_target="_self" md_imagebox_full_animation="yes" md_imagebox_full_animation_type="fade" md_imagebox_full_animation_speed="400" md_imagebox_full_animation_delay="0.0" md_imagebox_full_animation_position="center" md_imagebox_full_animation_show="once" md_imagebox_full_animation_easing="Quart.easeInOut" md_imagebox_full_parallax_speed="1"][/md_imagebox_full] Member Sign In LOGIN HERE! [md_textbox textbox_icon="icon-file-notes-document" textbox_title="Get This Article & More!" textbox_heading="h5" textbox_description="Login Above" textbox_bg_color="#FFF" textbox_icon_color="rgb(80, 227, 194)" textbox_content_color="rgb(12, 38, 34)" md_textbox_animation_type="fade" md_textbox_animation_speed="200" md_textbox_animation_delay="0.0"SEE DETAILS