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Text Hover Words Matter... May the Words of My Mouth Psalm 19:14; Psalm 48:9; Proverbs 7:2; Psalm 119:11-16; Matthew 15:11; Hebrews 13:15 Great words or traditions are no substitute for a pure heart in worship. Great preaching,music and art are no replacement for a soul that is sincere and honest before God. Many things go into our hearts through our eyes, mouths and ears (Matthew 15:1), but in the end,what do our hearts produce as a result of praise to God? First we must ask: how are the things in our hearts returned toSEE DETAILS

[md_imagebox_full imagebox_title="May the Words of My Mouth / Branon Dempsey" imagebox_heading_size="h6" imagebox_description="What are the words you are using in worship? How your choices, heart and thoughts really do matter to God and to the people you lead in worship." imagebox_general_color="#ffffff" imagebox_text_height="300" imagebox_alignment="left" imagebox_use_background="yes" imagebox_background="34284" imagebox_overlay="yes" imagebox_overlay_color="rgba(38, 39, 38, 0.57)" imagebox_button="yes" imagebox_button_style="fade-square" imagebox_button_text="CLICK TO READ" imagebox_button_icon="icon-play-curve" imagebox_button_color="#fff" imagebox_button_text_color="#fff" imagebox_button_bg_hover_color="#9b9b9b" imagebox_button_hover_color="rgb(103, 103, 103)" imagebox_button_size="standard" imagebox_left_right_padding="0" imagebox_button_url=" " imagebox_button_target="_self" md_imagebox_full_animation="yes" md_imagebox_full_animation_type="fade" md_imagebox_full_animation_speed="400" md_imagebox_full_animation_delay="0.0" md_imagebox_full_animation_position="center" md_imagebox_full_animation_show="once" md_imagebox_full_animation_easing="Quart.easeInOut" md_imagebox_full_parallax_speed="1"][/md_imagebox_full] Member Sign In LOGIN HERE! [md_textbox textbox_icon="icon-file-notes-document" textbox_title="Get This Article & More!" textbox_heading="h5" textbox_description="Login Above"SEE DETAILS