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2-14-18 RYAN CLAIR / Brown Bag Wednesday Music Special!


WTTU Music Special with Ryan Clair!

We are excited to have this Brown Bag Wednesday special show with musical guest, Ryan Clair! 

Ryan just released his new album, called Less Traveled Road, and it is an amazing album filled with songs that speak to the heart with Ryan’s soulful, gritty voice. 

Watch the Video Interview below!

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Watch Ryan talk about his new album, and hear the stories behind the songs!

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Wednesday 2-14-18

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Born and raised in a small mountain community in southern California, Ryan was the first born child to a young mom who did all she could to raise a kid amidst trials, heartache and broken relationships. Though she didn’t play, music was something Ryan’s mother shared with him at an early age. Music has a way to help escape reality and bring a sense of joy and peace in the moments of pain and uncertainty.

For Ryan the music became a reality, a part of life and an Identity. Picking up a guitar in his early teens and spending much of his life playing in bands. Ryan believes he has finally reached a place where he feels at home. It’s music that is rooted and carry’s on through generations. A style that all ages can appreciate.

A family man with 5 kids and a beautiful wife, Ryan writes music that tells his story and faith journey as a follower of Jesus Christ. When Ryan is not playing shows you can find him leading worship at The Journey North Church in Baxter Minnesota.


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